New video of the MH17 crash, recorded right after the impact. Hrabove, 17.07.2014


MH17 - UNPUBLISHED MATERIAL. They´ve been the first at murder scene: Inhabitants of Hrabove, East Ukraine. While perpetrators are escaping, people on-site start to understand what has happened. Civil airliner mit 298 people on board has crashed on their fields. All of them are dead. Witnesses are ready to speak with journalists - meeting with disappointment. Especially Western journalists care for scandals and demonizing the rebels. However Western media have to dissociate afterwards for the false stories of "teddy bear triumph picture" or the "stolen wedding ring"... cheating was too obvious. But behaviour of "reporters" left marks. When I was there trust of people came back only after weeks of meetings. Then again they spoke very openly about everything what happened on July 17th 2014 ... and gave a lot of material to me for which I´m still searching the right platform.

Tags: MH17, Malaysia Airlines, Ukraine, gunmen, Buk missile system, terrorists