Services / Postproduction (editing and mastering)

Only through expert video-editing, quality graphics, sound and subtle coloristics record of your event can get the final presentation.

Key elements here - video and sound editing, composing, color correction and overlay graphics. You choose in what form you want to get the material - from basic editing to scriptwriting mounted video.

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Aerial survey

This type of video shooting allows to cover the whole enterprise by a single look, demonstrate the construction of project of any size, perform filming in a confined space, and get there, where cannot get any one person.

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Organization of single- and multi-camera broadcasts

UkrStream.TV will organize for you or your company / organization online-broadcast of any complexity, which will not be inferior in quality and effectiveness of television broadcasts.

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Organization of teleconferences

Sometimes, it is important to not only see the broadcast, but also directly participate in the event, while you are at a distance of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of kilometers. For this UkrStream.TV will help you to arrange a teleconference.

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Multi-camera video shooting and recording

Simultaneously with the broadcast of the event and/or teleconference, we can do for you the simultaneous recording of all cameras used in broadcasting.

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